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Purple Africa earrings
Purple Africa earrings
Purple Africa earrings

Purple Africa earrings

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Looking up at the night sky you can see the starts start to align. Your time to shine is coming so you continue to give it all you got. You are aware of the knowledge others can hold, taking time to listen to those you admire. With your ever growing knowledge there is no doubt you’ll live a great life.

Purple - Ambition
Gold - Knowledge
White - Mindfulness

Each earring is handmade with resin, vibrant colors, and love. This combination of materials create unique, one of a kind results, making your earrings just as special as you.

Your earrings will be made with gold plated, nickel free ear wire.

Everyone wants earrings that not only look beautiful but give them a special boost. Due to me being the only maker, there is a limited quantity so be sure to get yours before it’s snatched up.


Q. What size are these earrings?
A. These earrings are 2 inches long and 2 inches wide.

Q. When will I receive my order?
A. Processing time is 5-7 days. You will get a notification sent to your email when it ships. All items are made and packaged by me. If you need your order rushed, send a message before purchasing.

Q. What if I need these sooner than the expected delivery date (1 week)?
A. No problem. Select desired shipping under drop down menu "Shipping" while viewing your cart. This does not change processing time (see Q&A above). Additional fees will apply.

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