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Tribal Africa anklet

Tribal Africa anklet

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** This item is handmade and can take 5-7 business days to complete before shipment. Send a message before ordering if you need your order by a certain date **


Craft Princess creates jewelry that is special to you. You can choose your own Africa color based on the intentions you want to instill within. Pick the color that empowers you the most:

Red- Confidence

Orange- Creativity 

Yellow- Happiness 

Green- Growth 

Blue- Serenity 

Purple- Ambition 

Black- Strength 

Gold- Knowledge 

White- Mindfulness 


Anklets are made with gold filled chain, which can stay gold up to a decade or more, and a strong magnetic clasp for easy on and off. Anklets come in sizes S (8 inches), M (10 inches), or L (12 inches).


Q. What if I want my anklet a different size?

A. If you would like a custom size for your anklet send a message before purchasing to see if I can accommodate your request.

Q. Can I get my anklet wet?

A. Yes. Gold will not tarnish after being wet.