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Why a Princess? Why not a Queen?

I realized something. I call a lot of the women I interact with "Queen". I'm not fond of the other names some women like to call themselves like "Bitch" or "Ho". I think after you're called that for so long by people who are suppose to love you, you start to believe it. Calling them Queen has an amazing effect on their self esteem which leads them to treating themselves accordingly. It's beautiful. But then that raises the question. Why Craft Princess and not Craft Queen?

So I thought about it. For awhile. I decided to go back into my childhood, ya know, like what the psychologist tell you to do?

My mom and dad always referred to me as a princess. I always did my own thing. I think it had a lot to do with all the Disney movies I watched as a kid. What little girl didn't want to be a princess like Cinderella or Ariel? I even wanted to be princess Tiana as a 19 year old. I just loved their characters. They were beautiful, humble, and followed their dreams no matter what anyone said. Not all of them, of course. I mean, I do like to sleep but I'm not gonna give sleeping beauty the credit. 

I love the princess aesthetic because she is always growing and learning, until one day, she becomes Queen. There will always be something new to learn. As an artist and as a person. So shout out to my parents for pretty much naming my business. 

I also she the women around me as sources of inspiration. As the princess, I want to learn from my fellow Queens so I can be better than I was yesterday. I don't think I'm lesser than anyone but I know I'm never going to know everything and that keeps me grounded. So when people as the question, "Why not Craft Queen?" I hope they're ready to hear me talk awhile.

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