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How is it made? - Craft Princess Edition

I've always loved those shows where they show you how stuff is made. There's a lot of work that goes into making something, even more so when it's done completely by hand. It's easy to look at things and not think about what takes place behind the scenes. For many, the outer appearance is more than enough. 

First, I start off with some clay, polymer clay to be exact. I knead it between my fingers until it's soft enough to work with. I might stop to do a dance because my song came on, but I eventually continue by rolling out the clay. I have a hand drawn paper cutout of Africa that I lay on top of the clay, before I cut out my shape. That's how I keep the sizes consistent. I can't have you looking crazy. I got you.

After the shapes are cut out, they're baked, cooled, then designed with gold paint. Don't worry silver lovers, I can make a custom order for you. Like I said, I got you.

To seal that lovely design in, I coat the top in a diamond clear resin. Though that may seem like a lot of work, I consider it a joy. As a woman we have plenty of ways to express ourselves and jewelry is everywhere. So the fact that Queens still choose my jewelry over others, is a love like no other. Seeing my jewelry on women in person is a whole 'nother thing. I really be trying not to cry. Like, I know when they buy it, they're eventually gonna wear it but to actually see them wearing it is better than food. If you don't know, I love to eat. So, that's a big deal.

The best part about the people who love sporting my jewelry also get their mothers, sisters, and friends a pair. I say that's the best part cause it creates a bond between them. It's something that means more than just  "gorgeous jewelry". They may wear them to match the bestie, give as a gift to their bridesmaids, or plan to give them as a birthday gift but end up keeping them. That last one needs a post all on its own.

My hope is to be able to spread those good vibes with my sistas around the world. 

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